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realistic vaginas and pussy toys for men look and feel just like the real thing. Discover classic realistic vaginas or, if it takes your fancy, a model designed to replicate your favourite porn star or actress – indulge yourself!

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  1. A Texturized Canal

Anyone can flog their dolphin with a set of bare hands but grown-ass men like to do it with a high-end sex toy like a fake vagina, handheld or otherwise. The most appealing part about those products is the internal texturization within the masturbation canal – a feature that produces realistic sensations that are far better than anything your palm could ever deliver.

Look for a canal that features a specialized texture, either for enhanced realism, improved stamina and endurance or both. Remember, you don’t have to settle for less than the best anymore.

TIP: Some sex toys are created with extremely potent textures, and some of their manufacturers have even started molding specialty canals to mimic the internal curves of the world’s most popular porn stars.

  1. Dual Masturbation Chambers

One is the loneliest number, which is why so many synthetic vag makers craft their toys to employ dual masturbation chambers – one that resembles a pussy and another that resembles an ass. This feature not only increases the product’s versatility but it also makes experimentation easier and more affordable.

Look for a fake pussy that offers at least one soft, inviting and highly texturized masturbation chamber if you want to enjoy a wide variety of sexual experiences including vaginal penetration, anal stimulation and maybe even a little titty-fucking.

TIP: Some of the best fake pussies on the market only have one masturbation canal, but their texturized sleeves are typically interchangeable which makes them just as versatile as the dual-chambered models.

  1. Some Realistic Detailing

When masturbating with a mock muff, it’s not always about the canal texture and sensations. Sometimes, it’s about the visuals as well. And when it comes to creating the most satisfying experience possible, good looking sex toys are a must-have.

Good fake pussies will always feature realistic detailing such as labial folds and skin wrinkles, but the best options usually have a little more to offer in the way of realism: synthetic pubic hair, perky tits with nipples or expertly replicated orifices, for example.

TIP: Certain brands offers male masturbators and high-end fake vaginas or asses that feature the exact same nooks, crannies and wrinkles as a specific adult performer and/or partner.

  1. Lifelike Material Make-up

It’s one thing for a fake pussy to look like the real thing and feature exciting textures within the masturbation chamber(s), but it’s another for that same sex toy to have skin-like properties that give the user an even better experience. So far, the market has witnessed the invention of several patented materials that resemble the look and feel of a real human membrane.

Good synthetic crotches will always use those materials to complete the pussy package, but be sure to keep your eyes, ears and mind open for new innovations.

TIP: Some materials may require extra maintenance to keep them looking and feeling as intended by the manufacturer. Be sure to read the care instructions for each toy you’re considering just to be safe.

  1. Skin-Safe Construction

Whether good looking, perfectly molded, hyper-realistic or not, the most important thing is that nobody suffers an allergic reaction to the materials with which a sex toy is made. Stick with high-end, hypoallergenic materials such as silicone, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or a patented polycarbonate blend just to be safe.

The material make-up should be listed on the product’s label and if not, read a review, contact the manufacturer or visit manufacturer’s website for more information.


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